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Kawartha Graphics Services

Below we will detail our primary services. Some are self-evident while others need to be pointed out. Experience has taught or forced us to be diverse in our work, our lives and our thoughts as we enjoyed different challenges. That will become evident if you read below.

We followed the advice of the first President of Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario." If we constantly choose the timid, the safe and the known, we will no doubt win the approval of the good, grey majority who never look much beyond the day's sunset. But the deed will show, and posterity will know. Let us hope their verdict will not be that we drove off into the future with our eyes resolutely fixed on the rear view mirror."

Graphic Design

If one looks at our front page scrolling down there are logos and other graphics that we have designed from start to finish. One of the more difficult ones is TheTrentSevernWaterway.com oval in the logo. We invite you to take a side trip to that site as we also developed a page showing how Lock #21, Peterborough's Hydraulic Lift Lock works.
We took the extra step of including the calculations we used. Dimensions were taken from the Internet because you know our information held by the government is secretive. Right or wrong doesn't matter, the relationship is correct and roughly 55 Pounds Per Square Inch difference bwtween the two chambers makes the whole thing work. We're letting the deed show, not just talk!
We included the calculations and formulae used so you can challenge our findings not just follow blindly.

Website Design

With our almost thirty years of doing websites, we have developed or updated thousands of sites and continue to do so today. Our Kawartha.com homepage has a link to the Way Back Machine that shows our position 4 years before even that venture started. If you click on a 1996 date and then the business directory you will see the many business we led to the Internet. Led them long before others even thought it was a viable resource for the future and possibly even the most important technology to come out of the latter quarter of the 20th century. We're letting the deed show, not just talk!

DNS - Domain Name System Management

One of the most important parts of the Internet is theDomain Name System. We supply domain names, manage them for you if you wish and take care of any issues that come along from the various registries. DNS is the roadway that will take you thousands of miles in an instant from your computer to anywhere in the world. Our servers and service currently run on IPv4 (32 bit) and we are currently looking at switching to IPv6 (128 bit). Four is numeric coding and has a limitation of number of combinations while Six is an alphanumeric system that will support many, many millions more and more securely. Every computer serving on the Internet requires a unique IP address just like every network device requires a unique MAC address.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We make sure our sites conform to the latest SEO standards by using HTML 5 and the Latest CSS. We build all of that into our websites making it easier for Search Engines to find and define what a site is about. Keywords and conforming to coding standards sets a website apart from others. Without those basics in place a website is lost, it takes work to keep it front and centre in most cases handled by the website owner.

Consulting - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Technology

In industry we found our niche was cost reduction, as it refers to the best utilization of manpower, materials and equipment. It is something we really enjoyed doing and ended up doing it well. Nothing is more gratifying than to point at something and say I made that better and the company has been able to provide jobs longer because they were more cost competitive.
We’ve looked after, as the company representative onsite, 3 new buildings ranging up to 250,000 square feet. We’ve started operations from zero production to over 200 employees producing product. We’re well versed in time study and manpower studies of all sorts. MTM, Mini-MOST and MOST are systems we’ve been trained in. Sadly we are no longer willing to use these tools other than the cost reduction end of things.

Book Publishing

This is a process we picked up on a whim to get our own book published and offered the service and have a half a dozen publications in our past. Basically what we do is the book layout, cover design, arranging to get a proof and then turning it over to the author. We do not edit or proof read manuscripts. Self-publishing has become a splendid tool for writers but they simply don't have the time or wish to have the expertise to see the job go from manuscript to book. We do that and will supply a website for the book if needed.

That's what we do today. We no longer do the things we did years ago but are doing the things we would never have dreamed to be doing years ago, or for that matter sometimes just the day before. We are as diverse as ever. I don't know what "woke" is supposed to mean but if it suggests having ones eyes open wide enough to see opportunity but not so wide as to see or wish for Nirvana, then you we are woke. It's a different time today. We're glad we were there before this. Regulations that strangle and other roadblocks designed not grow a person but to hold them back. To be led by those who can't, other than having aquired the senioriity for promotion, must be demeaqning to those who can and left to struggle on the bottom rungs while they could climb mountains!

I have always and will always believe that some work 20 years and get a years experience while others work a year and get 20 years exprience. Today it no longer seems possible to Let The Deed Show as it appears we hire and promote for every reason but competence. Pity!